Welcome to MAPS AT WAR!

There are too many books being published that lack decent quality maps, or any maps at all. Military history, in any presentation, virtually requires at least basic maps to help the reader visualize what is going on in the text. No war, campaign, or battle is easy enough to follow while mentally trying to keep track of the participants’ movements. Even history books of a non-military flavor can be enhanced by the judicious use of maps, since the readers quite often are not intimately familiar with the geography discussed in the text.

    J.F.: “I would also love if the books had a good number of maps to help me during the reading.”
    G.: “A good scholarly work, lots of footnotes, and very clear, helpful maps.”
    L.: “…poor reviews with particular criticism directed at the maps he provided. It’s the ‘meat’ I’m after, although reliable maps are always a plus.”
    J.W.H.: “The maps are quite good and add to the understanding of the battle.”
    H.: “His books are a wealth of information, but the maps he has…just aren’t sufficient.”
    W.: #8220;…even if it is not too detailed, and not enough maps.”
    M.S.: “The publisher…has succeeded in printing day-to-day maps you can’t read. Without those maps you can’t understand the book...”
    J.: “…thought it was excellent, with many good maps!”
    J.P.: “…there seems to be a surprising lack of maps to illustrate the unit positions…”
    M.W.: “One complaint is that the maps don’t correspond well to the narrative, i.e. some places mentioned in the narrative aren’t found on the maps.”
    W.S.: “The book is replete with excellent maps, a feature I wish more books on military history would incorporate.”
    H.: “And yes, the maps were very poor.”
    G.: “I thought this book was pretty good, the only letdown being the slightly rubbish maps.”
MAPS AT WAR stands ready to rectify these problems in any print media, by providing lower cost, quality maps that will allow authors to better convey their information to the readers. My goal is to provide customers the best map(s) possible that will meet or exceed their needs. To this end, it is my pledge to work as closely as possible with the author until that goal has been met.