About Me

Originally from Massachusetts, my family and I moved to Michigan soon after I retired from military service.

Enlisting in 1979, my first six years were spent in the Navy, where I served in various shore assignments before reporting aboard a guided missile cruiser. I worked primarily in the engine room while making two tours of the Pacific Ocean.

After leaving the Navy, I enlisted in the Marine Corps as an infantryman. After the first Gulf War, where I served as Sergeant of the Guard in a Marine Detachment aboard an aircraft carrier, I made a lateral move to an aviation billet, due to the needs of the service. I retired from the Corps in November 1999. Since then I have served as a law enforcement officer, currently assigned to corrections duty.

I began making maps for The Aberjona Press in 2000. My work has appeared in four published books so far, an. These include From Normandy to the Ruhr, Black Edelweiss, Vanguard of the Crusade, and Sledgehammers. I also assisted with final formatting of the maps in American Illiad. For the forthcoming Odyssey of a Philippine Scout, I did the bulk of the map work. I am fortunate in having the full support of the staff at Aberjona as I expand my horizons.

It is my infantry experience that most influences my map making. Having been part of one of the symbols on the map so to speak, I am in a position to understand what is going on within the map differently from someone with no military background.

I have read or studied military history for well over thirty years, focusing primarily on WWII in Europe. I have benefited from books with good maps, and suffered through those with poor or no maps at all. My background allows me to view my work almost literally from both sides of the map.