Fees and Costs

You are not likely to find these services offered at a lower price than mine. In that this job does not support my family, I am able to charge lower prices than other providers.

The basic fee is $25.00 USD per hour. This includes all required research, and actual work on the maps. Unlike some professions, I only bill the time I am actively working on your project.

Upon acceptance of the agreement, I will need an advance of either 25% of the estimated final cost, or $100.00, whichever is lesser. If during the course of the work, I determine that for some reason the initial estimate was low, I will immediately contact you.

If the project is large, I am willing to work out payments on a per map basis if it will ease any financial strain.

Customarily, I receive a compensatory copy of the work the maps are published in. Of course, if the final work is a voluminous, and I contributed one or two maps, this custom would be waived.