The Production Process

In order to save time and effort, there are two things I request at the start of a project.

The first thing is a copy of the text. This need not be the entire work, if the maps only pertain to a portion of the overall manuscript. This allows me to ensure that the information matches between the maps and the text.

The second item, if at all possible, is some type of sketch. This can be as simple as pencil scratches on a photocopy of a similar map. I’ve even received a Power Point presentation that showed what the author wanted. The better I understand what your vision is, the more effectively I can meet it. A face-to-face meeting would be ideal, but obviously this is rarely possible.

When I’ve received everything, I will need 1-2 days to look it all over, and get back to you with an estimate of time, effort, and cost for the project. It simply isn’t possible to even guess without being able to examine the material. Basic maps showing major geographical features and units normally only take a few hours. As the number of elements on the maps increase, so does the time involved.

Please note, this initial review is not chargeable. No costs are incurred until we have agreed on the project, and I actually start drawing your maps. Upon completion of the project, the maps will be sent to you. There are several formats available, so I will use whichever is most convenient for you. They can be either e-mailed, or snail-mailed on a CD.